Coin Master Chests — Types and Rewards

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Coin Master chests are important in the game since it’s part city-builder, half-slots machine strategy game with an economy centered on them. Levels and new stages are unlocked by spending cash to build and upgrade Village structures, while chests offer random objects that can drastically speed up your progress by helping you to acquire resources faster.

It’s critical to grasp what chests are and when to buy them if you want to go quickly through stages. This Coin Master chest guide will provide you with all the information you need, including what they contain and your chances of receiving cards and spins. Check out our other useful tips on Coin Master free spins, Coin Master villages, and Coin Master statistics for more Coin Master knowledge.

What are Coin Master chests?

Coin Master chests are treasure chests obtained through gameplay. Each chest contains the possibility of cash, free spins, cards, Pet XP, or Pet Food. There are numerous Coin Master chest varieties; the greater the level of the chest, the more likely it is to drop a high-level item.

What are the different types of Coin Master chests?

In Coin Master, there are literally dozens of different types of chests. Fortunately, the devs have included a detailed explanation of the varieties, what they contain, and your chances of receiving specific drops. We’ve compiled a list of the most common chest kinds found in the game. The complete list of promotional chests may be found on the Coin Master website.

Wooden Chest32 Cards
Golden Chest34 Cards
Magical Chest38 Cards
Small Lucky Chest46 Cards (a chance of a Joker card), Pet XP and Spins
Small Easter Chest106 Cards (a chance of a Joker card), Pet XP and Spins
Big Easter Chest208 Cards (a chance of a Joker card), Pet XP and Spins
Big Lucky Chest308 Cards (a chance of a Joker card), Pet XP and Spins
Valentine’s Chest306 Cards (a chance of a Joker card), Pet snacks, Pet XP and Spins
Sapphire Chest706 Cards, Spins and Pet XP
Ruby Chest1108 Cards (a chance of a Joker card), Spins, Pet XP and 1 Pet Snack
Mystery Chest6 Cards (a chance of a Joker card), Pet snacks and Spins
Emerald Chest4 Cards, Spins and Pet XP

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