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The two major next-gen gaming consoles are almost here. In a time when Microsoft and Sony were both waiting for the other to make things official, the Redmond company decided to draw first blood and announce the Indian pricing for the upcoming Xbox Series S and Series X.

The announcement comes just a day after their global prices were revealed, confirming a rather low starting price. In a surprise move, Xbox India has also confirmed the Indian pricing and availability of its upcoming consoles, beating Playstation to the punch once again.

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In India, the Xbox Series S will be priced at Rs 49,990 while the Xbox Series X will be priced at Rs 34,990. The release date is set for November 10, in line with the global launch, but pre-orders will open later this month, starting September 22. The local product pages are not yet live. 

Xbox Series X vs Xbox Series S

Xbox Series XXbox Series S
CPUOcta-core 3.8GHz, AMD 7nmOcta-core 3.6GHz, AMD 7nm
GPU12 teraflops 1.825GHz (locked)4 teraflops at 1.550GHz
Frame rateUp to 120 fpsUp to 120 fps
ResolutionUp to 8K1440p with 4K upscaling
OpticalHD Blu-Ray disk drive No disk drive

For the uninitiated, the Series X is the flagship of the season that claims to be the most powerful gaming console ever. It will be capable of playing games at 4K resolution at a whopping 120fps, thanks to the custom 7nm octa-core AMD chipset clocked at up to 3.8GHz. It boasts of a 12 teraflop GPU and 16GB GDDR6 VRAM. Similarly, it runs off a custom 1TB SSD along with the new Velocity Architecture, which allows multiple games to be suspended in the background while you’re playing something entirely different.

On the other hand, the Xbox Series S is the affordable variant which is capped at 1440p (QHD) gaming, but retains the 120fps capabilities. The chipset at heart is just a little slower at 3.6GHz, but the GPU is considerably weaker, coming in at 10GB of GDDR6 VRAM for 4 teraflops. The storage also gets cut down to half. Most importantly, it will be a digital-only model with no optical disk drive, making the 512GB of SSD storage worrisome.

Thankfully, game support between the siblings will be constant, and there will be no version-exclusive titles — just that they will run better on the Series X. Both of them will also offer full backwards-compatibility with Xbox One, Xbox 360 and original Xbox games, too. Of course, if you own physical copies of the came, they won’t work with the Series S.

It remains to be seen what Sony's strategy for the PlayStation 5 will be.

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