Why the OPPO Reno3 Pro is the best phone for vloggers

Whether you’re just starting your vlog or YouTube channel or looking for an effective device to make your next video, the choices currently in the market are enough to make your head spin or run your pockets dry.

This is why most vloggers have come to rely on their smartphones for recording daily vlogs and videos. Smartphone cameras have improved massively over the years and it’s fun to be able to record and edit a high quality video anywhere regardless of equipment. But recording hand-held videos on smartphones isn't always easy. You have to deal with stutters, jumps, unexpected movements, ample lighting and worst of all, shaky hands.

Where most smartphones struggle to keep footage steady and clear-cut, the OPPO Reno3 Pro has a few tricks up its sleeve that make it the perfect partner device for your vlogging channel.

Here’s three reasons why the OPPO Reno3 Pro is the best smartphone for you and your vlog.

Ultra-clear cameras that capture crystal clear images In every shot /  under all scenarios

One of the main issues with cameras on other smartphones is their inconsistency in getting the perfect shots under various scenarios and lighting conditions. Too dark and your images become murky and unusable, too close or too far and noise creeps in, ruining the shot.

The Reno3 Pro’s camera setup is geared towards clarity and versatility, allowing you to take photos and videos under any scenario. It’s equipped quad-camera setup on the rear and a dual-front system on the front. On the back there’s a 64MP Ultra-clear lens with an 8MP Ultra-wide lens, a 13MP Telephoto lens and a 2MP Mono lens for styling up your images.

The main 64MP Ultra-clear lens is the real star here, capturing shots with immaculate clarity and detail. Combined with the rest of the camera array, the 64MP Zoom Quadcam takes perfects shots whether you’re zoomed into a subject, zoomed out or at nighttime under less than ideal lighting conditions with the phone’s AI powered Ultra Dark Mode

Over on the front, there’s a 44MP Ultra-clear selfie-camera and 2MP depth-of-field lens that allow you to take sharp selfies with stylish bokeh effects that stand out, even at nighttime. This time around OPPO has equipped its selfie-cameras with Ultra Night Selfie Mode that take away the pain of capturing selfies in dimly lit areas. The front cameras use a combination of multi-frame compositions and AI noise-reduction to help you take the perfect, clear and well-lit selfie worth of sharing on social media.

Say goodbye to shaky cam footage

Camera shake is never a good thing and often distracts viewers. It’s also a thing of the past with the Reno3 Pro’s Ultra Steady Video mode that uses advanced Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS) techniques to minimize blur and compensate for device shake.

The Reno3 Pro’s Ultra Steady Video takes smooth and reliable footage by accurately sensing and removing the direction and amplitude of vibration to enhance stability of image shooting. Meaning you can record high quality steady video on the Reno3 Pro while walking down the street, capturing sights from a moving car or running after your dog.

If you’re planning for a more rigorous activity, the Reno3 Pro has you covered with Ultra Steady Video Pro. Whether you’re off-roading or gearing up for some outdoor sports, the Reno3 Pro’s ultra-wide angle lens kicks in with its 119.9° field-of-view to further enhance image shooting stability. The results are simply stunning with videos looking smooth, clear and professional.

Movie-quality video effects and editing on the go

While steady footage is great, it can be bland on its own. With the Reno3 Pro, you don’t just get a smartphone with great cameras but also one powerful enough to let you edit and add professional effects on the go.

Turn your footage into vivid videos by adding bokeh effects on the go that highlight your subjects by blurring out the background to create a DSLR-esque effect. Or zoom in to frame the perfect shot no matter the distance with the Reno3 Pro’s 5x hybrid zoom and 20x digital zoom that produce clear images no matter how close you get. There’s also AI on board with real-time Beauty Mode to make sure you always capture the best version of yourself and your subjects.

Once you’ve recorded the perfect video, you can head on over to the Soloop video editing app to add finishing touches before directly sharing on apps like YouTube and TikTok. Developed independently by ColorOS, the Soloop app helps turn your videos into professional looking vlogs by adding music, themes, transitions and more. When you’re in a pinch, the Soloop app does all the work for you by intelligently picking the most exciting clips from your footage, enhancing it with music and editing it to perfection to match the beat. With a slew of themes and templates on board, all you have to do is tap once to create a memorable vlog worth of your YouTube channel.

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