This 75-inch 4K TV is just $700 for Cyber Monday

You might’ve heard rumors about a TCL 75-inch 4K TV sale going on now for Cyber Monday that saw a 75-inch 4-Series TV down to just $599. It sounded too good to be true but, lo and behold, the deal turned out to be true and was quickly swallowed up. 

So does that mean you won’t get a 75-inch screen this year? Don't give up yet in the US. (Not in the US? Scroll down to see the 75-inch 4K TV deals in the UK.)

Best Buy has a similar deal on the 75-inch Hisense R7E Roku TV that’s dropped down to just $699.99 for Cyber Monday. Like the 4-Series, the R7E is a 4K TV with HDR and uses Roku TV, plus it’s fairly well-reviewed by customers.

Basically, if you want a 75-inch TV today and can’t find that 4-Series in stock, get this Hisense instead.

 Other 75-inch 4K TV deals going on today… 

Cyber Monday 75-inch TV UK sales

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