More Xbox Series X UK pre-orders will be available today at this retailer null

Xbox Series X pre-orders went live yesterday, with the first wave of stock disappearing fast. But if you didn't get your hands on an Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S pre-order then don't fret, there's a glimmer of hope – in the UK anyway.

As reported by our friends at GamesRadar, Box.co.uk will be getting pre-order stock later today.

While you may not have heard of Box before, we have found it to be reliable, and the retailer found success by offering PS5 pre-order stock the day after those pre-orders went live. But, considering Box.co.uk isn't quite as big as the likes of Amazon, we expect stock to go extremely quickly. 

Keep an eye on our Xbox Series X pre-order page and Xbox Series S pre-order page for all the latest information. 

The retailer's Xbox Series X/S pre-orders were initially due to go live at 10am BST, but apparently that time has now been pushed to the afternoon. So we would suggest having the page open and refreshing it every few minutes to make sure you're one of the first in the queue. We'll also update this story when pre-orders are live.

Xbox Series X / Xbox Series S – £449.99 / £249.99 at Box.co.uk
Box’s pre-orders aren’t live yet but we’re expecting them to go live sometime this afternoon. We suggest having the page open and refreshing every few minutes to make sure you definitely get your hands on a console.View Deal

Record-breaking demand

Xbox Series X pre-orders went like hot biscuits, with Microsoft revealing on Twitter that there was "record-breaking demand" for both the Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X. The company has advised those who didn't get their hands on pre-orders to sign up for notifications with retailers, but that more units with be available at launch (November 10) for those who are unsuccessful in the pre-order department.

Luckily for you, you can sign up for notifications from us on a range of retailers, and we'll let you know when and where stock is available.

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