More PS5 pre-orders could be available at GameStop on Friday – but only in store null

PS5 pre-orders went live on September 17 and quickly sold out, with stock being scarce ever since. However, it looks like GameStop may have more stock coming in –  for those willing to go into the store.

According to industry insider Wario64 on Twitter, who spoke to GameStop employee, the retailer will have more PS5 pre-orders available on Friday (September 25). While it's claimed that GameStop will have stock of the standard PS5 available, those who want to get their hands on these pre-orders will have to visit a store to do so. 

What's more, these pre-orders will apparently not arrive on launch day but, instead, will arrive with customers within a week of launch.

According to the tweet, these PS5 pre-orders will be available during normal GameStop hours. In addition, the Pulse 3D Wireless Headset and DualSense Charging Station will not be available for pre-order on Friday, and some stores will not be taking reservations.  

It's worth noting that GameStop has not confirmed if it will have pre-orders available on this date. However, Sony has promised that more PS5 pre-orders will be made available following a turbulent pre-order first wave. It could be that this is that promise coming to fruition.  

it's worth keeping an eye on GameStop official social media channels for more information, but you can also sign up for PS5 pre-order notifications from TechRadar, where we're tell you when and where more stock is available.

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