India & Bangladesh hold joint counterterrorism army drill (PHOTOS)

A two-week joint military exercise is underway in India’s eastern Meghalaya state, where the host nation’s troops are welcoming guests from neighboring Bangladesh. The drill is to culminate in a field exercise.

The ninth installment of the Sampriti exercise is meant to help the militaries of the two countries learn about each other’s tactical and organizational peculiarities. The joint field operation will simulate a UN-mandated counterterrorism push conducted by India and Bangladesh in tandem in a difficult mountainous and jungle terrain.

“In addition to understanding each other at tactical level, greater cultural understanding will be emphasized to strengthen military trust and cooperation between the two nations,” a statement from the Indian military said.

The exercise kicked off on Monday with an opening ceremony and a parade jointly reviewed by Brig Rajesh Sharma of the Indian Army and Brig Gen Md Shafiul Azam, who heads the Bangladeshi force. The visiting team comprises 31 officers and 138 troops of other ranks.

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