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How We Evaluated Free Conference Call Services For Mobile and PC

Evaluated Free Conference Call Services

To be considered a free conference call service in this roundup, we required providers either offer a completely free solution or some form of extended free trial. Systems then had to be easy enough to set up and use for workers of all technical skill levels while providing a quality phone experience for multiple attendees.

We evaluated free conferencing services based on the following:

Ease of setup: We looked for standalone conferencing services as well as more complete business phone systems that made it easy to schedule calls for both domestic and international callers.

Caller limits: Many services limit the number of callers you can host on their free version, so we compared limits and checked to see if you could add additional attendees after a call starts.

Call controls: The best conference call services offer features like the ability to mute callers upon entry, announce new arrivals, or make a call more secure by requiring attendees to enter a PIN.

Call recording: We reviewed whether the service allowed you to record calls or even transcribe them, as well as how easy it was to access those calls later.

Mobile app: While a mobile app was not a requirement for consideration, we did check to see if the service allowed hosts to manage and participate in conference calls while away from their desks.

Customer service: Free plans are often offered at the expense of technical support; therefore, we checked to see what options customers had if they run into problems or have questions.

Call quality: A free conference call is not worth the call savings if you can’t understand what callers are saying. Therefore, we researched what customers have said about the service’s call quality and checked to see if a service offered additional call experience enhancements, like high-definition or video calling.

Based on the above, we recommend for any small business that needs a free, easy-to-use conferencing service. For no money at all, the service offers an impressive set of features that allow your team to get work done, even when everyone is away from the office.


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