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Corona virus spread across the world, death toll in China crosses 2700

Corona virus spread across the world,

The number of people killed by the corona virus in China has reached 2715 and the number of confirmed cases has reached more than 78,000. President Xi Chinfing said on Wednesday (February 26) that the situation in the virus-affected city of Wuhan remains “grim” even as the number of cases affected by the virus has declined. The risk of corona virus is spreading all over the world .

The World Health Organization (WHO) has said that new cases of corona virus are increasing outside China. WHO chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyes said in Geneva, “More cases were reported outside China than were reported in China for the first time on 25 February.” The United Nations Health Agency reported that 411 in China on Tuesday (25 February) New cases were reported, while 427 new cases came out of the country.

Brazilian authorities have confirmed the first case of corona virus in Latin America. On Wednesday (26 February) in Italy, another death due to corona virus took the total number of dead to 12 and the number of people affected by it to 374. According to the new data released by the country’s civil security department, as of Tuesday evening (26 February), the number of deaths due to the virus was 10 and the number of affected people was 322.

In Italy, those who died so far are either elderly or their medical condition was not correct. A 60-year-old teacher in France succumbed to the corona virus. This is the first case of death of a French citizen from this deadly disease in France. The person died in a Paris hospital, causing the death toll in the country from Corona virus to two. Earlier, an 80-year-old Chinese tourist died in a hospital in mid-February.

Four more people died of the corona virus in Iran on Wednesday (26 February) and 44 more new cases were reported in the last 24 hours bringing the total number of deaths in the country to 19 and the total number of people affected to 139. happened. The Ministry of Health spokesman Qinosh Jahanpour announced these figures on government television and advised the people of Iran to avoid traveling. Two people died of the corona virus in Iran last Wednesday and have been battling to stop the spread of the deadly virus ever since.

Around 81 thousand people worldwide suffer from Corona virus. The outbreak of the virus is increasing in Europe, Germany, France and Spain. Matters are increasing in West Asia in Bahrain, Kuwait and Iraq. The threat in Asia persists and South Korea is struggling to stop the virus spreading in the city of Degu. There were 284 new cases in South Korea, most of them in Degu city. With this, the total number of people suffering from Corona virus in the country increased to 1261.

Two more people died of the corona virus on Wednesday (26 February) in Japan. Dozens of passengers were allowed to board a cruise ship and had fever-like symptoms and would be re-examined. Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe appealed to cancel major sports and cultural events to be held in the next two weeks. However, a government spokesperson said that preparations for the Olympics would continue and the game would go according to plan.

Meanwhile, the European Union has said that the spread of the corona virus in Europe is worrying but there is no need to panic. “This is a worrying situation but we need not panic.” Misinformation in the first case of the Corona virus-related crime in Singapore, EU Health Commissioner Stella Cairiacids told reporters after meeting Health Minister Roberto Spranza in Rome. A Chinese couple will be charged under the Contagious Disease Act on Friday (February 21) for giving. Doors will be stripped of status permanent resident a person to stop.

The Strait Times reported that 38-year-old Hu Joon and his wife Xi Sha (36) would be charged for misinforming Singapore Health Ministry officials. He arrived in Singapore on 22 January and confirmed the infection on 31 January. After this, his condition improved and he was discharged from the hospital on 19 February. His wife Xi was also kept in a separate ward on February 1.


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