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1GB data every day, Jio plan is the cheapest

If you do not use a lot of data, but your calling needs are more, then we are telling you … 0 124
Tips to kill Coronavirus Anxiety
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How to not lose your mind amid Quarantine -Tips to kill Coronavirus Anxiety

People are losing their minds amid quarantine where panic and anxiety is kicking in. Mental health should not be ignored! … 0 134
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Coronavirus: Boris Johnson to launch Covid-19 alert system

A Covid-19 alert system is set to be launched by the government in England to track the virus, the prime … 0 181
Evaluated Free Conference Call Services
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How We Evaluated Free Conference Call Services For Mobile and PC

To be considered a free conference call service in this roundup, we required providers either offer a completely free solution … 0 163
conference call
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Best Mobile and PC Free Video Conference Call Services 2020 | Free and Paid

Free Mobile and PC conference call services are a budget-friendly way to host calls with three or more participants. Meet … 0 290
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Your health insurance policy might not cover coronavirus in these situations

While most health insurance policies in India are providing cover for the coronavirus infection, you may not be able to … 0 194
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Coronavirus live updates: Italy’s vast quarantine; reprieve for a cruise ship; US death toll climbs to 19

Streets and shops were empty in Milan and vast swaths of northern Italy were essentially locked down Sunday as the … 0 172
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How Yes Bank’s relationship managers sold its AT-1 bonds to retail investors

Many of the investors are guilty of believing that the bonds are as safe as FDs and will give better … 0 215
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Coronavirus scare: Over 70,000 people screened in Punjab, 300 home quarantined in Mohali

Isolation wards for coronavirus have been set up in all districts of Punjab and people are being screened at Indo-Pak … 0 197
Corona virus spread across the world,
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Corona virus spread across the world, death toll in China crosses 2700

The number of people killed by the corona virus in China has reached 2715 and the number of confirmed cases … 0 213
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How do viruses jump from animals to humans?

Zoonosis means bad news for the new host. Every animal species hosts unique viruses that have specifically adapted to infect … 0 236
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How do viruses make us ill?

Viruses harm the body in a number of different ways depending on the strain. Viruses are extremely tiny parasites made … 0 198
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Linking music to colour

When you listen to a sad, reflective song, what colour come to mind? How about a happy, jaunty tune? Researchers … 0 149
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Microbes in our ancestors’ stomachs helped them adapt to new areas

Have gut bacteria, will travel. There is a wide variety in the populations of bacteria found in the human gut … 0 165
cancer-fighting cells
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Flashing blue lights switch on cancer-fighting cells

Researchers were able to reduce tumour size in mice by between eight and nine times without harming healthy tissue using … 0 146
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Nicotine vapes linked to lung cancer, study finds

The study found that some mice exposed to vape smoke containing nicotine developed cancer. Smoke from e-cigarettes has been found … 0 135
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Revolutionary new valve could save children from repeated open-heart surgery

The new expanding device, which has been tested in sheep, could allow children to keep the same prosthetic valve until … 0 166
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Coronavirus in the U.S.: Map of where the virus has been confirmed across the country

As the coronavirus continues to spread in China, U.S. health officials are closely monitoring for cases in the United States. This … 0 349
Novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV)
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What is coronavirus and Symptoms of Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV)

Coronaviruses are a group of viruses that cause diseases in mammals and birds. In humans, the virus causes respiratory infections … 0 176
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How much do lawyers earn after qualifying?

As a newly-qualified lawyer it’s likely you’ll enjoy a considerable jump in your earnings. As a member of a Magic … 0 128

The peak wasn’t the peak? UK & France record HIGHEST-EVER daily rises in Covid-19 cases

The UK and France have both reported their highest-ever daily total of coronavirus cases since the beginning of the pandemic, … 0 3

‘We’re freedom-loving too, but also serious’: Italian president responds to BoJo’s claim about why Italy has lower Covid-19 rate

Italian President Sergio Mattarella has replied to UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s unexpected explanation as to why Rome seems to … 0 1

Scores injured after MASSIVE gas tanker explosion on outskirts of Lagos, Nigeria (VIDEOS)

A major explosion has occurred outside Nigeria’s largest city, Lagos, after a gas tanker caught fire. Footage from the scene … 0 3

Moderna, Pfizer & AstraZeneca seek urgent approval for their shots, just what Sputnik V was attacked for – don’t expect a backlash

Competitors in the Covid-19 vaccine race are publishing clinical protocols in hopes of securing lucrative emergency approval, which Russia’s Sputnik … 0 2

China blames US for ‘obstructing’ global fight against emissions, vows to go carbon neutral by 2060

Beijing has accused the US of “obstructing” the global fight against greenhouse gases, a day after President Xi Jinping said … 0 1

US envoy to Netherlands accused of ELECTION MEDDLING after hosting ‘fundraiser’ for right-wing party at embassy

The US ambassador to the Netherlands, Pete Hoekstra, has been accused of “election meddling” by local politicians after hosting an … 0 2

‘US can impose neither negotiations nor war’ on Iran, Rouhani tells UN General Assembly

Addressing a session of the UN General Assembly, Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani said his country will not give in to … 0 2

Rise of the (old) machines: Malfunctioning TV disrupted Welsh village’s Internet connection for 18 MONTHS

An internet provider for a rural village in Wales has struggled for a year and a half to find the … 0 2

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